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VRF System

Our Fans and Blowers are all AMCA Certified (Air movement and Control Association International). With complete, high-quality environmental ventilation equipment and system solutions for various kinds of buildings (Commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, transportation hubs, sports facilities, industrial workshops, etc.). We have also our Industrial process air transportation equipment and system solutions and Infrastructure based ventilation solutions for MRT & tunnels.

Special Panel Structure Design

FFD’s and FAD’s panel is made of powder coated steel (outer) and galvanized steel (inner) with high pressure PU foam sandwiched in between, thus producing a rigid and robust panel 25mm for FFD and FAD and also available upon request for panel 50mm (FBD). Units come with strong and lightweight panel structure designed which reinforced with specially designed hidden aluminum alloy frame that are being fastened to the panels with bolts and nuts.

Low Air Leakage

Patented “Labyrinth” panel design featuring integrated frame and panel structure, proprietary aluminum profile fastened with bolts and nuts and ingeniously designed insulation method, reduces the connecting edges which produces a leading edge low air leakage panel structure.

Low Noise

Rigidly bolted panels, dynamically and statically balanced fan assembly with spring isolator and closely integrated sections reduces the vibrations and noise generated, thus providing a quiet operation air handling unit.

No Cold Bridge

High pressure foam sandwiched between panels and specially designed insulation method is isolating all metal surfaces inside the air handling unit from outside air which eliminate the possibility of cold bridge. Thus, no condensation will happen and at the same time minimize loss of energy.

Computer Aided Coil Design

All cooling is designed using professional computer selection software which is carefully formulated. Designed and being fine-tuned through laboratory testing and real life application.

Preventive Maintenance

AHUs/FCUs and Fans & Blowers Includes: Training/Briefing of Customer Staff, Regular Cleaning and Trouble Shooting, Performance Analysis, and Parts Replacement


Local Manufacturing

We have local manufacturing capabilities and keep an inventory of Spare Parts for all our Equipment’s. We customize and fabricate cooling coils, blowers and accessories.


Rehabilitation and Renovation

Customization is our expertise especially Air Handling unit’s rehabilitation within small spaces. We offer full services from design, installation, piping and ducting.


Industrial Process Blowers

Commercial Construction Ventilation

Induced Fan and Kitchen Extractor Fan

Infra-Structure Ventilation

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Our teams have delivered innovative air-conditioning solutions for clients across different sectors of the industry.

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