Mission Statement
Improving the Quality and Reliability of our Products

We specialize in central air-conditiong business since 1976, with products that include manufacturing and importation of fan coil units, air handling units, ventilation equipment and air diffusers/grilles. Our confidence has bestowed through our capabilities in SM Prime Holdings, SM Malls, other Prime Developers, Mechanical Designers and Contractors in the country.

To contiually improve the quality and reliability of our products and services in order to meet our customers’ needs and provide employment to our fellow Filipinos.

To be a world-class manufacturer and maintainer of air handling units, ventilation and other related equipment and the preferred equipment supplier in the business.


Projects Completed


Maintenance Contract


Manpower Capacity


Years Experience

Policy Statement
Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing highquality products and services and to continuously improving our management systems, technologies and above all, the skills and know-how of all our personnel.

What Our Clients Say?

Taking Pride in Providing Exceptional Service

Strategic Alliances
Building Dynamic Partnerships

We work with a trusted, select group of partners that are globally recognized manufacturers to add quality and value to our product lines. We have different suppliers locally and countries like China, Malaysia, Germany and parts of Europe.


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