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Air Handling Units

An Air Handling Unit (AHU) is used to re-condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system. The basic function of the AHU is to take in outside air, re-condition it, and supply it as fresh air to a building. We offer AHRI and EUROVENT certified units of quality and efficiently distribute them to the needed requirements of a particular building, commercial and industrial business.

Our local capabilities of fabricating Air Handling units are what we really brag about as we can deliver faster before the deadline of a certain project, whereas we complete from fabrication to installation of units with accessories.


The  AHU casing  is made of  a  sandwich  type  insulation  panel  (30mm – indoor, 50mm – thick for outdoor) made of Gage 26 G.I.  internal skin,  Gage 26 prepainted “Colorbond”  external skin and fire-retardant  EPS insulation, bonded  together with a Poly-urethane adhessive   making   the  entire  assembly  very strong against flexural stresses.   The panel insulation has a heat transfer “K” value of 0.04 W/mK. The  panels  are  joined  together  with  extruded  decorative  PVC liners, leaving no exposed gap in between.  Potential air leaks are further reduced with the installation of  joint  stiffeners  at  the  internal  side  of  the  panels which also provide additional strength to the mounted panels.

Blower Section

The section is fitted with AMCA-rated double inlet, double width, forward curved or backward inclined centrifugal fan, depending on the air volume and static pressure requirements. Fan  inlets  are  aerodynamically  designed  and  wheels  statically and  dynamically  balanced  according   to  air flow rate and speed. Bearings range from either hermetic type for smaller fans, block type with self-aligning journals and split pillow blocks with grease points for larger fans. Fan drives (v-belts) are factory selected and installed to meet required performances. Motors are TEFC, class F insulation. The total blower/motor assembly is installed on a  separate  base  frame,   supported  and  isolated  from  the unit structure by spring isolators. All internal and external steel components are electrostatically powder painted or epoxy painted prior to assembly. Inlet cones are made of rust resistant fiber glass.
Other Services
Providing End-to-End Solutions to Your Air-Conditioning Needs

Preventive Maintenance Service

AHUs/FCUs and Fans & Blowers Includes: Training/Briefing of Customer Staff, Regular Cleaning and Trouble Shooting, Performance Analysis, Parts Replacement, and On-site staff manpower.

Local Manufacturing Capabilities

We have local manufacturing capabilities and keep an inventory of Spare Parts for all our Equipment’s. We Fabricate COOLING COILS, BLOWERS and ACCESSORIES.

Rehabilitation and Renovation

Acre Air-conditioning Specialists, Inc. is open on Rehabilitation and Renovation of Existing units installed in any particular projects may it be Commercial/Retail, Residential, Industrial, Hotels and Resorts among others. We offer redesign and changing of materials if needed to all units that are 10 years above in usage. Customization is our expertise especially the Air Handling unit’s rehabilitation within small spaces. We offer full services from design, installation, piping, and ducting.

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