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We specialize in central air-conditioning business since 1976, with products that include manufacturing and importation of fan coil units, air handling units, ventilation equipment, and air diffusers/grilles.



Air Diffusers

Our diffusers and grilles can be customized and fabricated to the desired measurements. Materials are oven -baked and available either in local or imported.


Toilet Exhaust Fans

Ceiling Cassette Exhaust Fans have compact chassis made from high strength plastic and its decorative high-gloss front panel is very durable and wrap resistant.


Fans and Blowers

Our Fans and Blowers are complete with high-quality environmental ventilation equipment and system solutions for various kinds of buildings.


Air Handling Units

We do local fabrication of Air Handling units for rehabilitation and renovation purposes or even new projects as approved by the Mechanical Consultants.


Fan Coil Units

Light and rigid constructions due to compact and strong design of the unit. Slim unit design also fulfills the stringent space requirement of today’s building design.

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